A traditional, family atmosphere with Mediterranean cuisine, providing a true enogastronomic pleasure.”


Konoba Pece is a family business which began its story 16 years ago. Having a restaurant has always been a dream of the head chef and owner. The idea for a tavern, came about as a result of his travels and study of various gastronomic cultures. In order to make his long-time dream a reality, he built the entire restaurant by hand, collecting and carving stones, and together with his wife turned a dream into a reality.


Vinjerac, a small fishermen’s village is a home to many local fishermen, who supply the quality and fresh daily catch that forms the backbone of great food in Konoba Pece. For this very reason, the menu is rich, local and unique, as these specific fish that are very hard to come by in other markets and stores. The owner, a real gourmet, believes that each of the quality ingredients combined with goodwill and vision will result in an excellent meal.
This also highlights the owner’s philosophy; “There is no bad, only the badly prepared.”